Note that the relative positions of junctions and entries to each other is shown; these may not be as close or as far apart on the ground.
Horizontal rainbow lines used to indicate distance (every 0.25 miles)
Town Hall Road
North to West Bay and Hell
North West Point Road 
West to the Turtle Farm 
West Bay Public Beach
Mary Mollie Hydes Road 
 Powell Smith Road
 Henning Lane
Boggy Sand Road   West Church Street
To Foster's Food Fair at Republix  Willie Farrington Drive
 Genevieve Bodden Drive
 Ernest Jackson Drive
Swift Lane 
Access to Cemetery Beach 
 Cemetery Road
  West Bay 
 West Bay
 Fire Station
Drifters Cove 
Silver Sands 
Aqua Bay Club 
The Palms 
Discovery Point Club 
Christoper Columbus 
 Marsh Road
The Anchorage 
Victoria House 
The Comonwealth 
London House 
Tarquynn Manor 
Heritage Club 
 Yacht Drive
 To Cayman Islands Yacht Club
The Beach House 
 Raleigh Quay
 To Indies Suites
 Marriott Courtyard
 (Formerly the Holiday Inn)
Public Beach 
 Governors Way
Harbour Heights   Trafalgar Place
The Great House 
The Pinnacle 
Governor's Mansion   Lime Tree Bay Avenue
Westin Casuarina 
Westin Casuarina Red Sail Sports 
[rsslogo]  The Falls and Sunshine Suites
 Big Daddy's Liquor, Economy Car Rental, Eats
 Safehaven Drive
 To The Links at Safehaven,
 Kaibo Yacht Club Ferry
Villas of the Galleon 
Ritz-Carlton Resort   Ritz-Carlton Resort
Ritz-Carlton Resort   Ritz-Carlton Resort
The Coralstone Club 
The Coralstone Club 
 Earth Close
 To Coconut Place
 Coconut Car Rentals, Edoardo's
Pan Cayman House (The Meridian) 
 Stingray Bowling & Arcade
 Gateway of India, Bella Capri
 Canal Point Drive
 To The Strand Shopping Centre
 Foster's Food Fair,
 Strand Pharmacy,
 ScotiaBank, Blackbeard's Liquors
Caribbean Club 
Caribbean Club 
Cassa Caribe 
Cassa Caribe   Mitsi's
   Snug Harbour Drive
Islands Club 
   Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre
Colonial Club 
   Palm Heights Drive
 For Rum Point Ferry
Colonial Club 
   Hyatt Footbridge
Hyatt Beachfront 
Hemmingways, Bamboo, Red Sail Sports 
 Deckers, Mini Golf
Beach Club Resort 
Beach Club Resort   Buckingham Square
 Ristorante Ragazzi, Cayman National Bank
   Britannia Drive
 Hyatt Regency Hotel & Britannia Villas
Lacovia   CICO/Avis Rent-A-Car
Seascape   Regency Court
 The Healing Touch
Lizard Run Drive 
   Esterley-Tibbets Highway
 (Harquail Bypass Extension)

 To the airport and East End
The Cayman Club 
   Galleria Plaza
 Café Tortuga, Cayman National Bank,
 Le Classique, Wine Cellar
   Cayman Travel Service, Duty Free Ltd.,
 Dickens Internet Café
The Sovereign   Esso  
West Indian Club 
Coral Caymanian 
Coral Caymanian 
Royal Palms Beach Club 
Reef Grill, Red Sail Sports
Island Pine Villas 
Seagull   West Shore Centre
 Domino's Pizza, Kennedy Gallery,
 Chicken! Chicken!, Sun Dog
   Post Office, Subway, Celebrations
Cayman Reef Resort 
Riviera Acres 
Cayman Sands Village 
   Soto's 4x4 Jeep Rentals
   Lawrence Boulevard (Harquail Bypass)
 To the cinema, Matrix Nightclub, Bed,
 Café del Sol, Harquail Theatre,
Laguna Del Mar   Texaco  Airport and East End
Regal Beach Club   
   Cayman Islander
Marriott Resort Hotel 
Marriott Resort Hotel 
CICO/Avis Rent-A-Car, Red Sail Sports 
   Andy's Rent-A-Car
Piper Way 
To Comfort Suites, Tamarind Bay, 
Turtle Beach Villas, and 
 Coconut Joe's
Seven Mile Beach Resort 
Plantation Village 
Cresent Point 
and West Bay Medical Centre 
Treasure Island Condos 
   Whitehall Gardens
Treasure Island 
Treasure Island 
   Kintyre Drive
Treasure Lane 
To The Grandview 
   Parkway Drive
Seven Mile Shops 
Island Dog, Thai Orchid Restaurant 
Queen's Court 
Fidel Murphy's, Obar, Attic Billiard Lounge 
Snooze Lane 
To Grapetree Cocoplum 
and George Town Villas 
   Marbel Drive
St. Matthew's University
student accommocation
   Slate Drive
Poinsettia Condos 
   Helen Drive
 Selkirk Plaza
 Tropicana Tours
Pageant Beach 
The Wharf Restaurant 
 Merren Plaza
 Kentucky Fried Chicken, Rapid Photo
To Harbour View 
   Shadow Lane
 Eastern Avenue
 To Kirk Supermarket, Airport, East End, etc
North Church Street
South to George Town
and South Sound