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Trip report by Lisa - January 2002

This is our second visit to Grand Cayman. This trip had been postponed from the end of November due to a serious family illness. We arrived from Charlotte on US Air about a half-hour late. The lines in customs were extremely long, all the way back to the luggage carrousel.
We were told that the flight from Jamaica arrived before us since we left Charlotte late and they search their entire luggage. They just randomly search the US Air passengers, which we were one of them. After two hours we made it to the Treasure Island tired and a little pissed off that it took so long. I didn't sleep much the night before because I was worried about my dogs that I had to kennel because our family member was still to ill to watch them. Then the safe in our room didn't work so that was another hour waiting for them to exchange it for one that works. Then we ran over to get some pop and water and walked the beach a little. We decided just to order Pizza Hut since we were so tired. That was $25 US with tip. We just rested in our room the rest of the evening.

19th January 2002
Today was much better than yesterday. We picked up our car we had reserved from Andy’s, which now has a desk at the Treasure Island. We went to see the Botanic Park US$7.50 a person which I recommend. It has beautiful plants and flowers and blue iguanas that wander the park. Then we drove over to Rum Point and watched Man-Go-Band on the beach. They must be the Barefoot Man's replacement. We had Burger King for supper which was under $20. We're not real big on fancy dining, as you will see as the days go on. We also brought some breakfast items and snack items from home. Coffee is CI$1.50 next door at Hooks in the morning. Later we spent some time snorkeling out from the Treasure Island. We saw a small stingray and turtle but the water wasn't very clear. January seems a bit more windy then November.

20th January 2002
1/20/02 Today, Sunday, we went to Hell to mail a few post cards to family and friends. Then we stopped by the Turtle Farm, US$5.00 US, to look around. We had the all you can eat Sunday brunch next door at the Cracked Conch CI$19.95. They had a variety of breakfast food, seafood, salads and desserts. It is a good way to try some unusual items like conch, turtle or dolphin. Or you can just eat a plate full of shrimp, like us. After a rest from the meal we went to snorkel at Smith's Cove. I enjoyed this snorkeling stop. Also there are not to many stores open on Sunday, so remember to get your food, beer and snacks on Saturday.

21st January 2002
Today we had to take our car back. After returning it we walked into George Town to do some shopping, only two cruise ships in port. Later in the day we went snorkeling by the Wreak of the Gamma. There wasn't too much to see there. Today's dinner was Subway, less then US$15

22nd January 2002
Today we walked to the shops north of the hotel to do some shopping. It was a bit windy today, which was good for walking, but we decided not to snorkel today. Today's meal was at Big Daddy's. I had the shrimp & chips with a Pepsi and my husband had fish & chips and a micro brew. We ate early enough that we got in on the lunch special. It was US$30 with tip. We also spent some time relaxing in our room and in the hot tub.

23rd January 2002
We rented a car again for the day from Andy's. The car is about $50 a day with insurance. We were going to walk the mastic trail. After finally finding it, it's through a barbed wire and wooden gate you have to open and close behind you that is basically a cow pasture, we hiked about a half mile and turned around because it started to get a bit overgrown. We didn't feel we were dressed right in our shorts and tank tops. It is a trail you should have on long pants or high socks. We didn't want an island version of poison ivy. We may try it again on another visit. There are no signs that tell you where it's at, I think they would prefer you hire the guide. We stopped by the blowholes on the way back, since it was pretty breezy. We also stopped at the Stingray Brewery. Not much to see at the brewery. We also stopped by the Tortuga Rum Cake factory. After a rest in the room we went out to snorkel in front of the Treasure Island. The water is to stirred up to see clearly. The first time we were here was in the month of November and it was so much calmer and clearer. A much better time of the year for snorkeling in my opinion. Today's meal was Chicken Chicken! We ate early enough we had the lunch, which was a breast and wing, one side and a piece of cornbread for less than US$20. Highly recommended. There were six cruise ships in Georgetown today, the radio said seven, but we only counted six. It was a good day to stay out of town. After sunset we went to Wendy's for a chili snack.

24th January 2002
Today we took the car back and walked into George Town to do a little more shopping. There were only three cruise ships in port today. We ate at Subway again today. We were going to eat at Wendy's but a cold sub sounded better on a hot day. We went and watched our last Cayman sunset for awhile and spent sometime in the hot tub. We ordered another small pizza for a snack from Pizza Hut since we had eaten up all our other snacks.

25th January 2002
Today we slept a little later than usual. Then we packed up all our stuff to get ready for the airport and walked around a bit. We checked out at 12 and waited for our ride to the airport. They were searching some luggage, they skipped us this time. They make everyone take off their shoes to put on with your carry on items. It was better leaving then arriving. We got right through US customs with no waits. We made it home to Ohio with no problems. Somewhere along the way the airport security must have cut a lock off one of my pieces of luggage because it wasn't on when we got home but everything was there. Better safe than sorry, I guess. I picked up my dogs as soon as they opened Saturday morning. They were as glad to get home as I was to get them home.

We visited Stingray City on our first visit and chose not to go again on this visit. Between both visits the two things I most recommend is Stingray City and the Botanic Park. I hope this may help anyone planning a vacation to Grand Cayman.
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